Longest drive with the whole family

For my birthday gift, my mom installed at her place in Sherbrooke, a NEMA 14-50 electrical outlet.

We decided to go non-stop from Gatineau to Sherbrooke at a cruising speed of 105km/h. On a full charge we made it but on the last few kilometers, I slowed down a little because the rated range was getting quite low. As I entered into the garage I got a popup saying something like “With the current temperature, we highly recommend charging the car… now”

This is amazing, the whole family in the car with all the luggage and we made it without any problems with lithium batteries non stop! This car really amazes me.

Ride Details

Needless to say that this was the quietest ride to Sherbrooke I ever had, except for the kids complaining that they wanted to stop in between to get a bite 🙂

This is the only electric car that exists on the market today that can go that far on a single charge.


4 thoughts on “Longest drive with the whole family

  1. Quelle belle voiture, de la classe, elle est superbe !
    J’ai hâte de faire un tour…
    Toutes mes félicitations

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