42km = 7.5kWh = 52.5 cents

52.5 cents is what it’s costing me to drive to work and come back home every day.

Pretty impressive right? Keep in mind that I was not using the air conditioning nor the heating system. Not bad if you think about it some more, 52.5 cents to move a 4,647 lb (2,108 kg) vehicle for 42km.

Half of the commute is on highway, the other half is stop and go in downtown Ottawa.



3 thoughts on “42km = 7.5kWh = 52.5 cents

  1. 178 Wh/km is quite a good average energy usage. I find it hard not to want to stomp on the accelerator on the way to work. Mine is about 190-240 depending on how I’m feeling that day. Though I have performance with 21″ wheels which will pull a bit more energy.

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